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Urban Rollers Weekly Meeting​

Aimed at all skaters of all levels.

Data e Hora: 5ª feira, das 19h30 às 22h00

Ponto de encontro: Jardim do Campo Grande, nos bancos entre o Padel e o McDonald’s

Difficulty level

Urban Rollers Radical Meeting

Intended for all advanced level skaters

Date and Time: Friday, from 10 pm and the night away

Meeting point: Saldanha, next to Restaurante Galeto

Difficulty level

Lisbon Rollers Sunday Meeting

Aimed at all skaters of all levels.
Evento dinamizado pelos Lisbon Rollers

Data e Hora: Domingo, das 16h00 às 20h00

Meeting point: Campo das cebolas, next to Terreiro do Paço

Difficulty level

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