Who we are

our mission

This community intendeds to promote urban skating in the city of Lisbon, through the organization of events.

Skates, in a city like Lisbon, are also a smooth and sustainable way of mobility.

Shared experiences

Everything that is good in life, always feels better if shared.

We promote meetings between skaters from the most diverse modalities, to exchange ideas on the theme of skating, to create urban routes, to laugh a little. And roll.

Some call it mingling .


Urban Rollers is an informal group of skaters from Lisbon. We do skating events, without formal organization, open to anyone who wants to participate. The events are free, with no registration needed and without group insurance. Just show up at the scheduled time and skate.

Everyone is responsible for their own safety and not to compromise the safety of others at all times. Urban Rollers advise the use of helmets, body protection, reflectors, signal lights and respect for the Traffic Rules.

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